Clean Up Your Kids Act With Hair Scissors

Do you’ve got a difficult time getting your kids to take a seat still for the barber? Consider cutting their hair yourself with hair scissors.

I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair with an electric powered razor for years now. He continues his hair very quick all round, so it’s commonly quite smooth to do. While I’d in no way try reducing my daughter’s hair or my own – I haven’t any training – I’ve commenced doing my sons hair because they motive this sort of fuss whenever I take them to get their hair cut. At least this way their fits are restricted to our house, and I do not have to tip a person for coping with a cranky child.

After some experimentation, I’m using a mixture of hair scissors and razor on the boys. Both boys have very thick, coarse hair so I do the heavy lifting with the razor. I generally begin with a variety of 5 guard on the edges and returned and more than a few 7 shield at the pinnacle. After getting rid of all of the extra, I then use the hair scissors to do the detail work. I’ve watched stylists do the boys hair before, so I do the first-rate I can to imitate their moves.

I tunnel my palms through the crown in their hair. This guarantees that I don’t by accident cut too uniformly and deliver them a navy appearance. Facing each different, I use the end of the hair scissors handiest and snip in random sections all along the top and just over the perimeters. After I shake all of the newly cut pieces out, I take a step back to peer how that appears. Sometimes I must do it again, however after I do I circulate to the lower back to keep away from any subconscious tendency to snip one aspect or the alternative.

When we are executed, I wipe off the hair scissors with a dry towel over the sink and save them within the plastic pouch they came in.